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Raceway Motor Lines Ships by Rail and has a Refrigeration Division, as well as specializes in the transportation hauling of any type of Race Cars, Automobiles, Racehorse's, Museum Art Work, and Electronics.. all with complete Audio & Video Recorded Shipping. We also have trained dogs inside the truck cab for all V.I.P. shipments, and or security reasons, in case a driver has to leave the cab area for any period of time, for any reason!.
So if you are asking yourself, is our transportation guarded against theft?, or in the someone of in the taking of our equipment, ask yourself again!. Steps we have in place for the very most important shipments, apply to the named shipments above this Blog, as we want our customers to have knowledge, that we mean business, when we say your shipments, are safeguarded for your protection, of all shipments, in reaching any destinations.
We also have a great refrigeration side of our company as well, as in the hauling of Produce of any kind, coast to coast!. We have combined experience of hauling refrigerated produce of over 70 years of experience, and our dispatch is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!. All of our drivers carry cell phones, pagers, and tracking GPS Devices.

You Alway's Get To See Your Shipments if requested, and if you are under our VIP Dispatch, of your shipment being Loaded, and Unloaded!. We Truly care About Every Customer We Have, and They Know it!. Please don't leave our Web Site, Without First Visiting Our Video Surveillance Page..VIP Dispatch is where we provide the Cam Trailers for extra security, of the transportation for your shipments only!. No Cam Trailers at the present time is available in our refrigerated division.



We help our customers protect their freight, with state of the art Video & Audio Surveillance Systems installed in our Trucks & Trailers. Just see our Surveillance Page to find out more!.


Our Video Cams can Actually read the bar codes off the boxes being loaded into our trailers, complete with true clear sounding audio, yes.. we can hear everything you say inside, and the outside of our trucks, and our trailers.. Brother!, so if you're a Crook.. Beware of Raceway Motor Lines, because we will get you, if you're thinking of steeling from us!.


Our Drivers can See, and Hear.. Everything!.














We offer you guaranteed team service coast to coast 24 hours a day!. Our Racehorse Division Teams make service 100% of the time, or your shipment is free of freight charges. Engine failure does not apply to this company statement. This statement only applies in the Racehorse Division Team Service, that runs Coast to Coast!.
You asked us for it, and now you Got it.. Our Freight Surveillance is "Free" Of Charge Now!. 
Partial or Full Truck Loads.. Great Rates Coast to Coast!
Owner Operators Apply Now!
Lease 1 Year with Raceway, Receive your base plate, permits, and Insurance for life!, Send us your truck! and Raceway will show you the Money!!, Raceway Motor Lines Video Tapes Live Footage Of Your Shipments Being Loaded & Unloaded everyday!!. You Can Request a Copy Of Your Shipment Being Live Loaded, Or Unloaded.. at any time.. free of charge!. 
Thank You! 
" Safety & Recruiting Management "



                                      Become An Agent For Raceway Motor Lines:

We are looking for Agents coast to coast, no matter where you live, great commissions!. Please contact us and lets talk!, You can reach us by phone or email. We are currently seeking any, and all types of accounts that are running coast to coast. Are you sick of where you are?, are you tired of waiting to get paid for your commissions?.. then what are you waiting for, get away from where you are.. and come on over here!!.. I'll get your commissions to you within 24 hours of your drivers freight delivery. Join the Raceway Motor Lines Family today!!.

                                           Attention Potential Customers  Carriers

If you are needing our Surveillance Trucks, for more than 10 loads a week, please give us a 30 day notice in advance before the signing of any contracts with us. We are being asked in some cases for immediate use of our trucks to show up at a 4 hour window of booking. We can't promise this right away this, if you are requesting a Cam Truck, and we ask for some forgiveness for this.These trucks are in some very high demandment from us at this point, once again..in some cases.


Raceway Motor Lines, feels.. that in some ways, Customers enjoy the knowledge that the freight we are asked to haul in transit for them, is protected in some ways. Video Surveillance is a sure way to get some customers attention.

Now lets go on with it, Let me be the first to tell you, that I do not like doing Guesswork when it comes to picking a Owner Operator, or driver to do business with, but there is times when you have to be forced into it.. when your regular drivers aren't available. We have a very specialized select few Owner Operators, that we do like to do business with on a daily basis, that we can certainly ( Trust ), when one of our drivers is not available.
They have what we call "Cam Trailers", these Trucks and Trailers are Equipped with Video Camera's that also have a Audio Feed, the same as our Raceway trucks, So..not only can you see everything, but you can hear everything that is said inside..as well as outside the Trucks and the Trailers.
Most of the raceway trucks are equipped with these systems, Inside our website, you will see the many pictures, as well as videos, of how the driver can keep an eye on everything, from inside the Trailer, to inside the Truck. So.. we have no problem when someone says, go sit in your truck..driver!.
Please take time to watch our live Video Feed located here in the link to the left called:
Raceway Surveillance, enjoy!.

The Video Camera's are located inside the trailers, inside the trucks, outside on the drivers side, outside on the passenger side.. Nothing to be missed!. Lets move on to the next page, and check these pictures out!. I am very pleased that you stopped by to learn about us. Now.. to see the pictures of our Surveillance Trucks and Trailers, please click the link to the left called:
Raceway Surveillance Services!. 

Thank You All & God Bless..

Our Drivers Take New..
Every 12 Months!.. We Don't Wait Because It's Cheaper!, We Care About Everyone's Well Being, and it's Safer for Everyone!. Oh Yes.. One Thing is For sure.. you have heard this quote before from somewhere, we mean it!.
We Got The Class!!.
                 Our Transportation Services Include:
    • 24 Hour Dispatch
    • Emergency Racehorse To Track Transportation With Your Trailer!
    • Emergency NASCAR Transit!
    • Emergency Team Service Day or Night!
    • Emergency Drivers that can pickup trucks for any reason!
    • Team Service Coast to Coast
    • Friendly Customer Service
    • Free Rate Quotes Ground Air and Sea
    • Same Day Service
    • Trade Show Dispatch
    • Celebrity VIP Dispatch
    • Auto Tracking Of Shipments
    • Senior Citizen Discounts For Private Moves 
    • Complete Video Surveillance Of All VIP Shipments


Below is a link that belongs to Huntington Beach Bodyworks, they are located in Huntington Beach  California. Rich is a customer of ours, we transport the cars that are customized from his shop, back to the customers of his. After you meet him, if you get that chance, you will see what a great and kind person that he is in life!. The work that they do in his shop is truly beautiful, and truly to be proud of..
             Just tell Rich.. The Racehorse Called "Billy Lee" sent you there!.





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